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The projects carried out

Project n°1


Implementation:   2015-2016

Depth:                    125 m

Water flow:            4000 L/h

Installations:          manual pump


Beneficiaries:        3'700 people 

Total cost:             29'050.- CHF

Project n°2


Implementation:  2015-2017

Depth:                   126 m

Water flow:           18'000 L/h

Installation:           motorized pump

                                solar panels

                                tank 35'000 L



Beneficiaries:        4'472 people

Total cost:             44'670.- CHF 

Project no. 3


Implementation: 2016-2019

Depth:                  173 m

Water flow:          4'000L/h

Installations:       motorized pump

                              solar pannels

                              30'000 L tank



Beneficiaries:      1614 people

Total cost:            41'040.- CHF

Project No. 4

Implementation:       2019-2021

Depth:                         202 m

Water flow:                 2'200 L/h

Installations:              motorized pump

                                     solar pannels

                                     30'000 L tank

Beneficiaries:             1204 people

Total cost:                   47'560.- CHF

Upcoming projects

All the projects carried out have brought their share of worries. But the biggest challenge the Association has faced is, without a doubt, the latest project, Ilkandururo.

During the first 3 projects, always preceded by a field study (survey) in order to establish the drilling sites, the water was always there at the first attempt. A flow of 4,000 L per hour at Lengatei and Endapidapoi, and even an unexpected flow of 18,000 L per hour at Orkoilili!

We were lucky for the first 3 projects. We have always been afraid of having to go through the experience of drilling without finding water. It was with the last project that this situation arose. 5 boreholes will have been necessary to be able to supply water to the community of Ilkandururo. Difficult times both humanly and financially. Hard to explain to the community that the water will finally gush out, hard to believe for us too, as a dry drilling was followed by another one. In the end, the community can benefit from a borehole providing a flow of 2,000 L/h which, although significantly lower than the minimum required (4,000 L/h), is much better than no water at all. This project has tested our patience, required time, additional funds, a lot of positive energy and courage from everyone. Finally, we were rewarded for our tenacity. Unfortunately,  the challenges are not finished yet for this project.

Currently, the Elewa-Africa committee focuses its reflections on two axes:


  • the resolution of the problems which persist in Ilkandururo. Indeed, it appears that the water flow announced by the company that carried out the 24-hour test does not correspond to reality. Investigations have been made and a denunciation to the Ministry of Water is in progress. We are trying to obtain redress and reach a solution so that we can provide the promised water to the community, but the negotiations are long and difficult and we must once again be patient, stay the course and stay positive.

  • the reorientation of the Association's activities, which would like to move towards the education sector. For now, we are mainly in the investigation phase of the current situation and possible needs. We are not going to do anything until the drilling problem in Ilkandururo is solved.

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