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How to support us?

If our projects interest you...

If you trust us...

If you want the money donated to be used primarily to help poor communities...

You can support us in 3 ways:


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QR-Code Elewa.jpg
Become a member

By becoming a member of the association​

  • you agree to pay the annual membership fee, while being free to leave the association at any time if you wish, by informing us by the means that suits you best (oral, message, call, email)

  • receive regular updates on our activities, both in Switzerland and in Tanzania

  • will be invited to participate in our Annual General Meeting

Make a donation

By making a donation


you are free to determine the amount and the donation is punctual. Nothing obliges you to repeat the operation. You may receive an email asking if you would like to donate again, but we won'z insist if you don't follow up.

Buy an item

By purchasing an item



in our online store or on the stand of a market you support our association.

The objects offered are handmade in Tanzania by local craftsmen or in Switzerland by the members of the committee in a workshop in Ollon.

The money raised is used in favor of the communities we help.

A good opportunity to make small gifts while participating in a good cause.

Annual contribution:

  • individual member 50.-/year

  • family 80.-/year

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