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Our donors

The funds necessary for the realization of our projects come from different sources:

  • regular membership dues, who by paying the annual fee support us and trust us year after year;

  • private or corporate donations;

  • sales revenue of Tanzanian handicrafts and various objects handmade by the committee and presented at different markets during the year;

  • event revenueorganized by the committee (support dinners, association celebrations). 

We thank from the bottom of our          any person, company, association and foundation for their trust and support.


Of course, we need funds to carry out our projects, but it is important to mention human support as well. Carrying out projects in Tanzania is not easy and every word of support, encouragement, interest in our projects and visits to our stands carry us and motivate us to continue. 

We particularly thank:

  • The Jack Guberan Foundation from Lausanne for the participation and the financial support to all our projects, but also for their advice in our activities;

  • The Cari-Run Association from Ollon, which allows us to take part in the charity race it organizes every year. For the occasion, we are in charge of preparing the pasta for the participants and have a craft stand, which not only allows us to be known, but also to raise funds

  • The Ollon Pharmacy, which regularly provides us with medicines that we bring on site to the various dispensaries in the Lengatei region

  • The Duzillet Gouille refreshment bar, who invited us to put up signs on their site, sold key rings and bracelets for us at the bar and welcomed us several times with our craft or pastry stand;

  • The Atripodez Association from Ollon

  • The "Entraide familiale" from Ollon

  • The "Dipendenti dello Stabile" from Bellinzona

  • AIBA  from Lausanne

  • the SIGE from Lausanne

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