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Project 1: Lengatei

Some data on the project


March 2015                 Survey

October 2015              Drilling, pump test 24 hours

February 2016            Purchase of manual pump

March-april 2016        Installation of manual pump 

                                      Construction laundry

                                      Construction protective enclosure


Beneficiaries                                                      3'700 habitants

Drilling depth                                                     125 m

Water flow                                                          4'000 L/h

Project's total cost                                             29'050.- CHF

Participation Jack Guberan's Foundation      7'500.- CHF

Survey                                                                  Hydrogéological Unit Internal

                                                                              Drainage Basin Water Office, Singida

Drilling company                                                PNR Services Ltd, Dar es Salaam

The project in pictures

Arrival of trucks

Arrival of the authorities and the population

Installation of the drill on the exact point determined by the survey

Preparation of the drill

Metal pipes are added one after another, up to 125m

Souvenir photo with Krysia Cinelli, Lengatei village authorities and local engineers supervising the drilling

Samples are taken regularly and allow engineers to know if the drilling point is favorable for finding water

After the wait, the reward!

Water gushes out for everyone's happiness!

Children use it to have fun

The next step is to introduce

the PVC tubes, taking care to put the tubes with holes at the level where the water was found

Each tube is screwed to the previous one before being pushed deeper

Between the end of the drilling, October 2015, and the installation of the manual pump, a few months will pass. Time to make the purchase and build the concrete base, the protective enclosure and the laundry. In April took place the inauguration and the panel mentioning Elewa Africa, as well as Jack Guberan Foundationmay have been laid.

The manual pump

The protective enclosure (especially to prevent animals from damaging the pump

The laundry

First Elewa-Africa project completed, March 2016

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